Our Capacity building program on acquiring sewing skills and understanding the business of fashion design is born out of the desire to be a positive force in our immediate oasis of influence by empowering young women with practical skills that will enable them build and maintain a sustainable means of livelihood.

Over the course of 6 weeks, 10 lucky participants will recieve inspirations, mentorship and practical skills needed to take them to the next level.

They will explore the diverse opportunities in the fashion industry, increase the quality and range of  creative ideas needed to develop their unique kind of designs

Course Outline

1.Introduction to fashion design
2.Basic sewing skills
3.Pattern cutting

Introduction to fashion design:
After the course participants will be able to have proper appreciation and understanding of fashion design. The creative possibilities and the job opportunites within the industry.

Basic sewing skills:
Participants will learn equipment use and it’s terminology. Perform neat stitches with machine use and complete simple projects as instructed.

Pattern cutting:
Participants will learn to interpret commercial patterns. Take body and garment measurements according to approved company guideline Create bodice block and adapt same to actual body measurement.

How To Join

Register Online

This will qualify you for a pre selection interview.

Get Prequalifield

Participant will recieve a congratulatory message that she has been prequalifield to go to the next stage. With attached badge of honour to share on her social media platform and tag @revampofficial

Come For Interview

Participant will recieve email inviting them for a pre-election interview on a set date in Portharcourt.