PRINCESS PEACEFUL OWOGHIRI is the founder and CEO of Revamp your style Ltd from which she runs her eponymous label, Revamp by PeacefulO, a female apparel luxury brand. Peaceful is a trained lawyer. She had been a practicing company secretary before setting up a fashion design/consulting and personal brand business, which was fuelled by her innate passion for art and design.
She is the fashion director and product development head of Revamp. She is an extremely creative and well developed fashion design professional with extensive experience in orchestrating all aspects of female clothing design operations and development process from artwork creative to finished product with focus on bespoke apparels, fashion consulting and brand positioning.
Peaceful had her early schooling in England and eventually graduated from Abia state university with LLB Honors and was subsequently called to the Nigerian bar in 1998. Peaceful has invested a lot in expanding and honing her technical and managerial skills in Fashion, Art and business, through numerous executive programs, seminars and workshops, within and outside the country. She is a founding member of ADWIB (Advancing women in Business) an NGO dedicated to building capacity and empowering female entrepreneurs through mentorship programs, networking and trainings. She is married with 4 beautiful children.


Our brand Message: Luxurious, Sophisticated, Unique, Edgy and Exclusive. The REVAMP woman is self-assured, confident, working class lady, who does her thing with grace and style. She has discriminating taste for unique pieces that are synonymous with fine quality and good craftsmanship. Peaceful Owoghiri designs, are timeless pieces that celebrates the woman as she concentrates on the ultimate woman piece of clothing, The Dress. The labels interest is high fashion with superior styling, centred on clothing inspired by African culture, Art, travels, retro style with contemporary international appeal. REVAMP boutique shop concept is designed to create a relaxed, stylish, intimate and relationship building ambience for its exclusive clients.


REVAMP as a social responsible company strives to be relevant by being a catalyst of positive influence in her immediate environment by highlighting environmental issues affecting us, through photo campaigns and Seminars. Also by projecting our cultural heritage to the world through art, craft and style. While we cannot control what is happening around us, we do have the power to choose how we respond to them by creating positive energy around these awakenings. We believe we can make a difference, by our ability to infect others positively. And through our collective consciousness tied in with intelligence, beauty, creativity, style, travels, imagination and personal identity we can create a better world, one stitch at a time.